"Decorating a home is not staging. Decorating is personalizing a home, staging is de-personalizing it to sell! They are two different things!"

                                                                    -Barb Schwarz, the creator of home staging 

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Claude Designs, 2018

You’ve heard it before... “your home is your most valuable asset.”

In selling your home, it is essential to define each room and space in order give potential buyers the best perspective of the house, and sell them on the experience of living there.

With an educated eye, Claude Designs, takes the time to evaluate your home, discuss goals and options, and then create tailored staging solutions for you.

We work to help you sell your home, listing, or investment property–in the shortest amount of time and for the greatest profit.

Did you know?

​Only 10% of people can visualize a space beyond what they see in front of them.

Home staging costs less than your first price reduction on your home.